My Short introduction

FACT - My goal is to continue writing, so long as my health allows. I've already connected with amazing people and organizations because of reading and writing, and this is invaluable. 

FACT - I live with debilitating chronic health. My family and a fantastic writing community have helped me see my dreams of writing and publishing come to fruition. 

Writing is often a solitary venture, but, I wouldn't have it any other way. When a reader reaches out to share how one of my books has touched their heart, it makes it all worth it.

FUN - I love the outdoors! Living in the Pacific Northwest allows my family and I to enjoy the incredible scenery. Being able to take day trips to the ocean, mountains, and yes, even the desert, is a fabulous thing! With the many hiking trails in the area, there isn't a reason to ever be bored. So much inspiration around.